Colonel Timothy Bigelow DAR Member's Patriots  

Colonel Timothy Bigelow DAR 

Worcester, Massachusetts

Chapter Patriots


"The patriot's blood is the seed of Freedom's tree."...Thomas Campbell


Rank Patriot Name State  Service
Colonel Bigelow, Timothy MA
Col.,15th Regiment 

Historical Bio

  Ames, James  MA  
  Ames, James  MA  
  Ames, James  MA  
  Babcock, Daniel VT  
Lieutenant Babcock, Reuben MA  
Private Balcom, David  MA Served under Capt. Jonathan Carroll & Col. Tyler 
Private Barnes, Benjamin, Jr. MA Served under Capt. Cushing & Col. Lincoln
Private Beall, Ninan (Ning) VA Served under Capt. Jones of the 3rd Regiment Light Dragoons in the Continental service in the Virginia line
Private Berry, Samuel RI Justice of the Peace of Westerley,1775-1777; signed the Test of Loyalty Act at Westerly, RI, in 1776. Served as a private under Captain Edward Bliven; and served in the Westerley Alarm Company
Sergeant Bickford, William MA  
Private Bigelow, Andrew MA Cousin of Colonel Timothy Bigelow; served under Captains Abbot, Benjamin, and Buxton; surved under Colonels Jackson, Marshall, and Tupper
  Bliven, Samuel  RI Deputy, General Assembly, 1780 (Rhode Island).
Private Blackstone, Prideaux VA Served under Capt. Benjamin Harrison in Col. William Russell's 13 Virginia Regiment; died at Valley Forge.
1st Lieutenant Board, David  NJ Paymaster; member of the Observation & Correspondence Committee 
Private Booth, Isaac  CT Civil Service & Private
Sergeant Briggs, Daniel MA Member of the Lexington Alarm list of 1775. Served in Captain James Williams’ company of minutemen.
Private Bromley, William, Jr. VT Served under Captains: Nathan Smith, Thomas Sawyer, Abraham Underhill, Daniel Comstock, Ebenezer Wilson, Stephen Calkins, and Colonels Seth Warner, Ethan Allen, Ira Allen, Ebenezer Allen.
Major Broughton, Nicholson, Sr. VT Served under Col. Jonathan Glover 
  Brown, Jonathan  ME  
Private Brown, Shubel CT  
Private Burroughs, David  MA  
Private Callaghan, Robert  MA Served under Capt. Nathaniel Warner 
Private Carpenter, Edmund MA  
Corporal Chapin, Thaddeus  MA Served under Capt. Stone & Col. Cushing  
Lieutenant Chickering, Oliver MA  
Major Claghorn, George  MA Served under Captain Kempton, and Colonels Hathaway, Mitchell, and Turner 
Private Davis, Solomon MA  
  Demarest, Daniel  NJ  
Private Dodge, Jacob  NH Served under Captain Peter Clark, Colonel Thomas Stickney 
  Dudley, William  MA  
  Edwards, John  NY  
  Farnham, John  MA  
Private Fay, Adam MA  
Private French, Noah  NJ Express Rider and served under Captain Dunn, Colonel Ludlum 
  Foster, Johnathan RI  
Private Fulham, Francis, Sr. MA  
Captain Galaspie / Gillespie, Daniel  NC Captain of Light Horse, member of Provisional Congress, 1776, member of Assembly, 1779
Private Greenman, Preserved  NY 4th Regiment, Albany Co. Militia; served under Colonel Killian Van Rensselaer
Private Goddard, James MA  
Captain Grout, Daniel  MA Served under Captains Luke Drury, Aaron  Kimball, and Colonel Enoch Hallett 
Captain Hammond, Josiah, Jr. CT  
Private Hamlin, Elisha CT  
Captain Harrington, Edward, Jr.  MA  
Private Hastings, Silas  MA Served under Capt. Silas Gates and Col. Ward 
  Hausman, Jacob  PA  
Private Hayford, Samuel  MA Served under Capt. Samual Kilton and Col. John Paterson 
Private Higbee, Jonas  NY 1st Regiment, Suffolk Co. Militia, under Captain John Wickes, Colonel Josiah Smith 
Corporal Hoyt, Benjamin NH Served in Colonel Pierce Long's regiment
  Humphries, John  SC  
  Humphries, John  SC  
  Humphries, John  NC  
Sergeant Humphrey, John NC  
Private Hunt, Willard 



Served under Captains: Chamberlain, Smith, and Robinson; Colonels Bullard & Hale 
Corporal Jencks, David  RI Served under Captains: David Dexter and Reuben Ballou 
Private Jones, Anthony, Sr. MA  
Captain Josselyn, John, Jr. MA  
Sergeant Kilbourn, Eliphalet  MA Served under Captain Rogers and Colonel Wigglesworth
Private Knowles, John NH  
Captain Kyle, Robert NC Commanded a company of rangers at two forts: Hickory Cove, TN, and Big Creek, Hawkins County, TN
  Laken, Joel  MA  
Private Lambdin, William  MD  
Colonel Leonard, David MA Served in Colonel Timothy Danielson’s regiment, Colonel John Mosely's regiment, Colonel Ruggles Woodbridge's regiment; served under Captain Sylvanus Walker.
  Longley, Zachariah  MA  
Sergeant Lorton, Robert  VA Served under Captains: Morton, and Holcombe; served under Colonel Elliott Stevens 
Captain Marcy, Nathaniel  CT  
Private Marsh, John, Jr.  MA Served under Colonel John Allen; served as an interpreter and guide
Private Marsh, Joseph  CT Served under Captain Wolcott
Private Mason, Samuel  MA  
Private Mason, Samuel  MA  
Private Mason, Thomas  MA  
1st Lieutenant Mathes, James  VA 8th Regiment, Continental Troops
Private Merriam, Timothy  MA Served under Captains Kimball, and Warren, General Ward 
  Merriman, Samuel  MA  
Sergeant Minier, Christian PA  
Private Miles, Oliver MA  
Private Moore, Paul MA Rutland’s town clerk, selectman and treasurer; member of the Rutland Alarm list, 1775.
Sergeant Morgan, Aaron  MA Served under Captains Thompson, and Chapin; Colonels Danielson and Woodbridge. Lexington Alarm
2nd Lieutenant Moulder, William  PA Served under Captain Thomas Robinson, Colonel Anthony Wayne; 4th Pennsylvania Battalion ; Committee Support Families, 1776; Committee Regulating Sale of Provisions, 1779 
Private Newton, Peter, Sr. MA  
Captain Odiorne, Nathaniel  NH Captain of the militia; served as Captain of the schooners, Lee and Washington
  Overton, David Sr. NY Signed the Association Test; signed in the 4th Company Limits of Brookhaven Town on June 1775
  Page, Caleb NH Captain of Provincials - first delegate from Dunbarton and Bow as a member of Provincial Congress.
Sergeant Parsons, Gideon  MA Served under Captains Flowers and Carpenter, and Colonel Woodbridge
Private Perry, Samuel CT  
Private Pinney, Oliver  VT Militia; served under Captain Joseph Parkhurst 
Private Prescott, Jonathan  MA Served under Captain Daniel Robbins, Colonel Asa Whitcomb  
Private Prouty, Elijah  MA Served under Captains Henshaw, Fish, Prouty and Colonels Crafts, Tyler, and Denny  
Corporal Quackenbush, David  NY Served under Captain R V Every and Colonel Samuel Clyde 
  Randolph, John Fitz  NJ  
Private Rice, Richard  MA  
Private Rockwell, Amasa  CT Served under Captains: Witter, Ledyar, Starkweather, Sheldon Webber, Taylor, and Colonels Marshall and Chapin 
Private Rogers, Prince  MA Served under Lieutenant Knowles and Major Winslow
  Sanford, Joseph  CT  
Private Sawin, Reuben MA Served under Captain Elisha Jackson
Private Shattuck, Eleazer MA  
Ensign Sherman, Eber  RI Served under Captains: John Hoxie, Jonathan Bates, Samuel Bissell, and Colonels Charles Dyer and Thomas Potter 
Lieutenant Simmons, Charles  SC Militia
Private Smead, Lemuel  MA Served under Captain Timothy Childs and Colonel David Field 
Private Spalding, Jacob NH Served under Capt. Dow in the regiment of Col. Prescott.

Stanton, Joshua 

  Stark, Elizabeth NH  
  Stark, John  NH  
  Stark, John  NH  
  Stark, John  NH  
Soldier Stearns, John MA  
Private Stone, Josiah  NH Served under Captain Robert Fletcher,  and Colonel Enoch Hale
2nd Lieutenant Stoughton, Samuel  MA Served under Captain Dinsmore & Colonel Woodbridge
Lieutenant Taylor, Gilbert  NY Westchester Co. Militia, served under Captain Berrian
Private Taylor, Rufus MA Served under Captain John Blanchard and Colonel James Wesson
Private Tibbetts, Jonathon  NH Served as a minuteman in Berwick, Maine; served under Captains Waldron and David Place
Sergeant Tompkins, James  RI Served under Colonels Angell, Greene, and Olney 
Corporal Tuttle, Jedediah  MA Served under Captain Richard Dodge and Colonels Aaron Willard 
Private Tyler, Charles  NY Served in the militia, under Captain  Henry Pawling and Colonel Albert Pawling 
  Vandervoort, Peter  NY  
1st Lieutenant Wallace, Thomas PA  
  Wetmore, Reuben  NY  
Drummer Wheeler, Abner  NH Served under Captain Elisha Woodbury and Colonel Stark 
Soldier White, Seth, Jr.  MA Served under Captain Baldwin and Colonel Dike
  Whitney, Nathan  MA  
  Williams, George  MA  
Private Winslow, Nathan  MA Served under Captain Benjamin Berry and Major Zenas Winslow 
  Wood, Jame, Sr. VA  
Civil Service Woods, Andrew VA  
Ensign Woodard, John  VA Served in the Continental line under Captains John Davies, Michael Rudolph and Colonel Henry Lee
Private West, John  NJ Served on the Continental line under Captains John Davies, Michael Rudolph, and Colonel Henry Lee
Colonel Ziegler, Francis Ottomar  PA Served in the militia as Lt. Col. on Baron Steuben’s staff; served as Colonel of the 4th Battalion Lancaster County
  Zimmerman, Bernard  PA